Could your car wreck have left you with a hidden brain injury?

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2021 | Car Accidents

Many injuries are possible when you’re in a car wreck. The severity of the injuries you face often depends on many factors, and some people won’t even realize that they have serious injuries right away. Brain injuries, for example, might not be apparent by symptoms alone for days after a wreck.

Anyone who’s been in a car wreck should ensure that they’re watching for signs of a brain injury in the days following their crash. Even if you didn’t hit your head on anything, there’s a chance that you’re going to face a brain injury from the impact and sudden stop, which can send your brain crashing against the inside of your skull.

What symptoms of a brain injury should you watch for following a wreck?

While everyone is different, the more common signs of brain injuries include:

  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Sensitivity to light or sound
  • Changes in your mood
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Dizziness
  • Communication challenges

These symptoms may appear suddenly, but they sometimes get worse gradually. One reason for this is that there could be a slow bleed in the brain or swelling in damaged tissues that are causing symptoms to get worse as the pressure on the brain increases. 

Anyone who has signs of a brain injury should seek medical care. Left untreated, some brain injuries are fatal. Treatment options can range from extended periods of rest to surgery — but you won’t know until you have a diagnosis. 

Medical care and rehabilitation after a brain injury can be costly. Individuals who are going through this because of a negligent driver can seek compensation to help cover those expenses and their other losses. Working with an experienced attorney can help you get started and protect your interests. 

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