Three dangers facing winter motorcyclists

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Most motorcyclists pack their bike away once the temperatures drop. However, a hardy few continue to ride their motorcycles throughout the year. If you are one of these, there are some extra hazards you should be aware of during the winter months.

Riding a motorcycle in winter requires extra care

Here are three dangers to watch out for if you’re riding your motorcycle during the winter:

  • The cold: Temperatures can plummet during the winter months. It is essential to stay warm. If you do not wear adequate clothing, your body will draw heat away from the extremities to protect the core and vital organs. It could make it hard to use your fingers to control the brakes. Being cold can also slow your brain’s ability to spot dangers and react accordingly. Consider heated vests and grips.
  • Other drivers: Many drivers do not make appropriate adjustments to cope with slippery winter surfaces. A car could slide in to you at an intersection if it does not allow extra braking distance. Cars in the other lane could lose control and skid in to you if they hit a patch of ice.
  • The road surface: Unlike cars, motorcycles only have two points of contact with the road. Adjust your riding to account for the possibility of black ice, slush, or surface water. Ensure that your tires are up to the job.

Winter motorcycling can be invigorating. The cold air can clear your head after a day stuck inside working. Remember that many of those in cars or trucks do not have this privilege. They spend their days inside heated vehicles and buildings. They may be drowsy due to the lack of fresh air and could crash into you, causing severe injury if they fail to account for the conditions. If that happens, make sure you seek the compensation you need for expenses and damages.


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