Ohio State Police offer winter driving tips

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While Cincinnati drivers typically don’t experience the brutal lake-effect snowstorms that are so common in the northern region of the state, if you live anywhere in Ohio, you can expect some major weather disruptions to affect your travel plans. Even with the restricted travel in 2020, the year still saw 9,073 wrecks occurred in inclement winter weather conditions. Of that total, there were 24 deaths attributed to 22 fatal accidents — a dip from the previous year.

The Ohio State Patrol offers some winter driving tips to motorists in our state in hopes of further reducing the number of wrecks and deaths this winter.

Clear off snow before driving

We’ve all seen motorists driving with a small space of snow-free windshield. But that is incredibly dangerous. Not only does it limit drivers’ peripheral vision, but the snow from the roof of the vehicle can cascade down and obscure drivers’ vision from the road ahead.

Let your car’s defrosters get a head start

If you must venture out on a snowy day or night, allow yourself plenty of time to crank up the defrost and let it do its job. Also, wipe snow off the taillights, headlights and side windows before driving.

Pack the truck with a winter survival kit

Your winter kit should contain all the following:

  • Snow shovel
  • Tow rope
  • Flares
  • Ice scraper
  • Jumper cables
  • Couple of blankets
  • First aid kit
  • Warm change of clothing
  • Extra gloves
  • Flashlight
  • Nonperishable food
  • Cell phone charger

These are all things that you hope to never need on the road. But you can have peace of mind knowing that you are prepared for weather emergencies.

Mount snow tires

If you haven’t done this already, so it today. Regular tires are just not equipped to ride safely on snowy highways.

Be wary of unsafe drivers

Remember that you are only as safe as the drivers beside you on the highway, so pay attention to fellow motorists. If you get struck by an at-fault motorist, be prepared to file a claim for damages to recover your losses.

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