Cold Ohio winters increase chance of “black ice” car accidents

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While Ohio roads can be dangerous due to reckless drivers, drivers who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, distracted driving and drowsy driving, weather is also a common factor in many auto accidents. Preventative strategies and awareness can avoid collisions, prevent catastrophic injuries and save lives. Still, people can find themselves in a crash without warning. Frequently, this is due to snow and slippery roads. One factor that is often underreported and unexpected is known as “black ice.”

ODOT advises drivers to be aware of black ice

There have been recent warnings for drivers to be cognizant of the possibility of black ice on state roadways. The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) has been periodically informing the public that the roads may be unexpectedly slippery due to cold conditions and inclement weather. Black ice can be difficult to spot because – as the name implies – it blends in with the road. It appears to be wetness on the road when it is ice.

Anyone who has driven in cold conditions and poor weather will be aware of the helpless feeling when the vehicle seems to have a mind of its own and does not stop even after hitting the brake. Skidding on black ice may result in spin outs, driving off the road, losing control and ending up in lanes heading in the opposite direction and more. Accidents with injuries and death can and do happen because of it. When a vehicle goes off the road, good Samaritans are tempted to stop and help, but they too can be vulnerable with black ice as other vehicles tend to go out of control.

This problem exacerbates the current health situation that has resulted in drivers flouting speed limits due to less traffic on the road. There was a notable increase in fatal accidents in the state in 2020. Even with crews taking to the streets to salt the roads and keep them safe, passable and ice free, it is a continuing concern across the entire state.

After a car crash, it may be wise to consider a lawsuit

No matter the cause, a motor vehicle accident can have extensive ramifications for a person who is injured and a family left behind after a fatality. Medical costs, the loss of income, personal contributions, rehabilitative care, long-term damage and other personal, financial and professional challenges are likely to come about following a crash. A legal filing might be the only way to recover maximum compensation. Before accepting a settlement offer from an insurer whose main interest is to keep costs under control, having advice and guidance from a firm experienced in motor vehicle accidents can be helpful in determining how to proceed.

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