Two injured and hospitalized after head-on auto accident

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Auto accidents can happen without warning and cause injuries and fatalities. While any collision is dangerous, accidents that occur on bridges and highways are especially treacherous because of the speeds vehicles are likely traveling. In addition, one of the worst types of accidents is a head-on collision. Drivers who are suddenly confronted with a vehicle coming straight toward them have few options to avoid it. It is imperative to understand what steps to take after a head-on crash.

Head-on collision on bridge sends two people to the hospital

A two-vehicle accident sent several people, including children, to the hospital for treatment. The drivers were heading in opposite directions on a bridge separating Cincinnati, Ohio and Covington, Kentucky. At shortly before 9 p.m., one vehicle turned into the lanes heading the other way and sparked the crash. Emergency services arrived and one person needed to be cut from the vehicle. It is believed that the individual suffered a broken leg. There were also three children who may have been injured. They were taken to the hospital for a precautionary examination. The investigation is continuing.

Serious challenges can accompany a head-on auto accident

People can suffer long-term damage and death after a head-on accident. Head injuries, back injuries, broken bones, internal injuries and other problems can come about. In a worst-case scenario, there can be a fatality. This is particularly worrisome when there are children involved. While broken bones are expected to heal, some injuries take time to manifest and the aftereffects could appear weeks or even months after the impact. Medical costs, the need for extended care, lost income, the inability to contribute to a family and more can arise. This could make a legal filing necessary.

Having legal assistance can help with a claim

A key to a comprehensive investigation and effective gathering of evidence after any kind of car accident is to have assistance that looks at the situation from the victim’s perspective. Since it is not yet known what caused the vehicle to swerve into the opposite lanes and collide head-on with the other vehicle, nor is it known how severe the injuries are, it is wise for those involved to have legal assistance from the start. Consulting with a firm experienced in car accidents is the first step.


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