Fatal motorcycle crash as semi fails to yield

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Although fall weather has made its appearance, there are still plenty of nice days to be spent on a motorcycle in Ohio and other states across the nation. Thus, motorist should still expect to share the roadways with these small vehicles.

While vehicles of all sizes are able to travel amongst each other on the roadways, the small stature motorcycles can make them difficult to be seen by other drivers. When a driver fails to check their surroundings, including their blind spots, mirrors and oncoming traffic, they could overlook a motorcyclist traveling near them and cause a motorcycle accident.

Failure to yield to motorcyclist

According to recent reports, a fatal motorcycle crash occurred near West Unity. The crash involved a motorcycle and a semi-truck, and it occurred when a semi-truck traveling on Williams County Road 21N failed to yield at a stop sign for a motorcycle traveling east on U.S. 20A.

Authorities reported that the motorcyclist was wearing a helmet at the time of the crash, and was transported to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead. It is not clear at this time if the driver of the semi suffered any injuries. Currently, no charges have been filed against the driver at this time and investigation is still ongoing.

Civil actions following a motorcycle accident

The aftermath of a motorcycle crash can be gruesome. Some of the worst automobile crash injuries come from motorcycle accidents because riders are not constrained or protected by a hard exterior shell. Thus, riders are frequently thrown from the bike, causing severe and even fatal injuries. This can result in extensive losses and damages, significantly impacting the life of the victim and their loved ones. As a means to offset these losses, civil actions, such as a personal injury claim or wrongful death suit, may be available.

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