Will new technology help prevent motorcycle accidents?

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2020 | Motorcycle Accidents

Ohio has some gorgeous scenery to offer bikers, especially now that bright and sunny summer weather has arrived. With many gatherings cancelled and social distancing protocols in place, getting out for a ride is one activity that bike enthusiasts can still enjoy. Each year, motorcycle accidents injure or kill hundreds of people, but new technology might make the roads a bit safer for everyone. 

Major auto manufacturer Ford has developed a new mechanism, called Intersection Assist, to help drivers avoid collisions with motorcycles and other vehicles. Crash data shows that motorcycle drivers are often hit when other drivers are making left turns at intersections. Scientists say that this might not be a visibility issue, because in many cases, visibility is good and the motorcycle is not in a blind spot.

Scientists now suspect intersection crashes involving motorcycles may be the result of a mental familiarity issue. Researchers theorized that when preparing to turn against traffic at an intersection, many drivers are looking for other cars and trucks to avoid collisions and may not think of motorcycles; therefore, the brain does not “see” a biker in danger. Ford’s new Intersection Assist will debut on new F150 models, and it will hopefully provide data that supports adding the technology to many more vehicles in the future. 

For now, motorcycle accidents remain a very real threat for riders. An injured victim should not have to contend with physical injury, outstanding medical bills, loss of wages due to unavailability to work, or damage to a motorcycle and other personal property simply because another driver claims not to have seen the motorcycle before causing a crash. An Ohio victim may want to speak to an attorney about filing a civil suit against the driver at fault. 

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