Car accidents: 1 dead following crash in Ohio

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2020 | Car Accidents

Police in Toledo say a man was killed after causing multiple crashes on the morning of June 19, according to sources. Ohio police say the man caused a series of car accidents before being badly injured and later pronounced dead. Several other people were hospitalized after the bizarre series of crashes, but the roads have since been reopened and the investigation is still underway. 

According to police reports, it appears a 46-year-old man was involved in a three-car collision in the early morning of June 19, which caused his bumper and license plate to be left at the scene. The man reportedly fled the scene in his damaged vehicle but soon caused another accident by crashing head-on into an SUV headed in the other direction. His vehicle was then hit by a second SUV. 

The man was rushed to a local hospital with severe injuries by a life squad. He was pronounced dead sometime later. Two other people, both male, aged 21 and 26, were also taken to the hospital. Their injuries were described as not life-threatening. The road was closed for several hours to facilitate police investigation into the crash. 

Since the driver responsible for the accident was killed, no charges will be filed in criminal court. However, Ohio law allows the victims of car accidents to file personal injury suits in civil court, even if the person responsible for the crash has died. The suit will name his estate as defendant, but it will require concrete evidence of the driver’s material contribution to the crash if the court is to award damages to the complainant(s).

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