Impaired drivers cause devastating car accidents

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2020 | Car Accidents

Conscientious drivers know when it is best not to get behind the wheel. If they have not had enough sleep, have been drinking alcohol or are feeling especially emotional, they may postpone any driving or find someone else to transport them. In some cases, however, Ohio residents who should not be behind the wheel drive anyway, and that places other travelers at risk of injury in car accidents.

One man recently received a sentence of 30 days in jail, three years of community control and five years without a driver’s license following an accident that took place in 2018. His license was already under suspension for previous violations when the accident occurred. Court records reveal that the man admitted that he was texting as he approached a line of vehicles stopped at a construction site. His car struck the rear of the vehicle ahead of him with such force that the other vehicle went airborne, flipped and landed in the opposite lane.

The woman driver remained hospitalized for five days followed by a week in rehabilitation. She wore a brace from her waist to her head for a month after her release. Two years later, she continues to suffer pain and discomfort from her injuries.

Police believe the man may have been abusing narcotics at the time of the accident. Knowing drivers persist in operating vehicles while impaired does not offer much comfort to many victims of car accidents in Ohio and elsewhere, especially when dealing with a painful and expensive recovery from their injuries. In fact, many find guidance and peace of mind by reaching out to an attorney who can assist them in pursuing compensation for their pain and suffering.

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