Car accidents: 2 dead, 2 injured in Cleveland

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2020 | Car Accidents

Police have confirmed the death of a second individual involved in a serious car wreck in Cleveland, according to local sources. Ohio authorities responded to the crash, which initially left one person dead. As with many car accidents, police are continuing to investigate the cause of the crash. For the moment, no charges have been filed against anyone involved. 

According to the report, a vehicle was speeding northbound on East 93rd Street when it crossed the center line into the oncoming lane. It is unclear at this time why the driver veered, but this led to a crash with a southbound car. That vehicle then struck a third and fourth car, heading north and south respectively. The force of the impact killed the passenger of the third vehicle. 

Several other people, including five men aged 30 to 50, were also taken to local hospitals. All of their conditions have been listed as critical. One of these men have since succumbed to his injuries as well, bringing the death toll of this tragic crash to two. Police have not revealed whether the driver responsible was killed in the crash. They do not appear to be pursuing charges against any other driver. 

If the driver responsible for the crash is among the deceased, no criminal action will be taken posthumously. However, legal recourse still exists for the families of the deceased and the survivors. Ohio law allows personal injury and wrongful death suits to be filed against a driver’s estate in such car accidents. Any evidence gathered by police of the deceased driver’s errors can be used to support such suits. 

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