Drunk drivers can be held liable in a civil court

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2019 | Drunk Driving Accidents

When we hear stories on the news about accidents where it is believed that intoxication was a factor, our eyebrows automatically raise. How could a person choose to get behind the wheel after drinking or using other drugs? The truth is, it happens every day. After a victim is injured in a drunk driving accident, it’s important to understand that the drunk driver can be sued in a personal injury claim on top of facing criminal charges.

What does this mean? Because it is illegal to drive drunk, the authorities are likely already looking into building a criminal case against the alleged drunk driver. However, those injured by the drunk driver should be looking into a case of their own. The victim can file a personal injury claim, seeking compensation for their medical expenses, property damage, lost time at work, and other damages.

While a criminal case may be ongoing, you can begin to think about how you or a loved one has been wronged by an alleged drunk driver. There could be evidence, or a conviction, from a criminal case that might be helpful when building evidence in your personal injury case. Maybe there is some evidence that was omitted from the criminal case that could be helpful for your personal injury case. Whatever the scenario, the legal team at Gregory S. Young Co., LPA is here to help.

Drunk driving accidents are nothing to take lightly. A victim could have been badly injured when they crossed paths with a drunk driver. By nature, drivers who are intoxicated are impaired, which seriously impacts their ability to operate a motor vehicle safely. They should be held responsible for their negligence.

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