OVI charge for man who struck and killed motorcyclist

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2018 | Motorcycle Accidents

With the last nice bit of weather about to end for the season, motorcyclists are taking every last day they can to get their motorcycles out for a drive before the cold weather comes. Many motorcyclists are very responsible when it comes to their choice to drive a motorcycle, and that includes putting their motorcycle away for the winter when the time comes. However, even the most responsible motorcyclists can be involved in motorcycle accidents. One such accident actually resulted in the death of a man this fall.

According to reports by the Ohio State Patrol, the motorcycle accident occurred around 4:30 a.m. on I-75 southbound between Union Centre Boulevard and I-275. While the crash is still under investigation, it is known that the driver of an Acura rear-ended a motorcyclist. His injuries were so severe that he passed away. The OSP has also announced that the driver of the Acura has now been charged with OVI.

It appears that this motorcycle accident could have been entirely preventable. Intoxicated driving and driving under the influence of drugs is illegal for a reason. It causes slow reaction and response times for drivers and has led to countless preventable deaths. If the suspect in this recent case is convicted of OVI, this can impact any personal injury lawsuit the motorcyclist’s family may pursue.

Rear-end collisions, whether with larger motor vehicles or motorcycles, generally point fault in the direction of the driver who struck the vehicle in front. It is usually fairly easy to prove fault in these type of accidents. This, combined with the OVI charge, paints a fairly clear narrative as to what happened and what caused the accident.

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