Driving under the influence can mean more than just alcohol

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2018 | Drunk Driving Accidents

There are so many conditions or situations that could cause danger for motorists on the road today. Between distracted driving behaviors, speeding drivers and those just not paying attention – even the most average trip can cause a car accident and injuries for the occupants. When you throw intoxicated drivers in this mix, the thought of getting in the car becomes less attractive.

When intoxicated drivers are a subject of discussion, many assume that the discussion focuses on drunk drivers. While this could very well be true, the recent change in legislation in terms of medicinal marijuana use could mean more users of the drug. While those who are prescribed medicinal marijuana should know better than to get behind the wheel, not all practice this behavior. What this means is an intoxicated driver could be a drunk driver or one using drugs.

Whether prescribed or not, intoxicated driving isn’t permissible. This is because slowed response times can easily cause car accident injuries for innocent victims. Ohio State Highway Patrol has made 14,000 drug-impaired driving arrests since 2016. Records show there have been more than 850 fatal accidents and 11,000 injury accidents involving a drug-impaired motorist since 2013.

Understanding what may have caused car accident injuries for yourself or a loved one is key to next steps. If you believe another party may have been negligent and otherwise under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of the accident, seek answers. Damages can be awarded in personal injury cases in which negligence is proven. Being hit by a drunk driver or an intoxicated driver is not acceptable.

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