Motorcyclist dies after collision with semi-truck

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2018 | Motorcycle Accidents

When motorists are traveling in the same direction of traffic, they rarely expect that a vehicle would suddenly change direction. However, anything can happen out on Cincinnati roads, as a recent fatal motorcycle accident near Columbia Parkway teaches us. The investigation has concluded and it was determined that an illegal U-turn was made that resulted in the motorcyclist’s fatality.

The accident happened in the afternoon, shortly before 1pm. The motorcyclist was traveling eastbound in the left lane, while a semi-truck was traveling in the center lane. The semi-truck then made an improper U-turn from the center lane, striking the motorcyclist in the process when he made contact with the side of the truck. The motorcyclist succumbed to his injuries at the scene.

In this situation, it’s fairly clear who is likely at fault for the accident and the fatality of the young motorcyclist. Accidents like this show how disadvantaged other motorists can be in the presence of semi-trucks and other commercial trucks. The injuries the motorcyclist suffered that day were so critical that he was never treated at a hospital. For this, negligence can be alleged in connection with the wrongful death.

More details surrounding the incident will likely make themselves known as an investigation presses on. The report claimed that neither speed nor intoxication are thought to have been factors in this particular motorcycle accident. This applies to both the motorcyclist and truck driver, the two directly named in the accident. It’s not known what prompted the improper U-turn by the semi-truck driver.

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