Distracted driving is a dangerous and costly problem in Ohio

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Distracted driving can take a toll physically, emotionally and financially on victims and their families. In addition, distracted driving has caused an increase in car insurance rates in Ohio.

Nationally, there are 40,000 car accident fatalities annually, and some of those are distracted driver related. Recent research from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners revealed that at least one in 10 fatal car accidents involved at least one distracted driver. Distracted driving behaviors that drivers should avoid while behind the wheel include: texting while driving; putting on makeup while driving; and eating while driving, among other dangerous distracted driving behaviors. Distracted driving includes any behavior while driving that removes the driver’s focus from the roadway, eyes from the roadway and hands from the wheel.

An unexpected distracted driving accident can be costly to victims and their families. Victims may suffer physical, financial and emotional damages they need help with. Following a distracted driving-related car accident, a distracted driver may be liable to compensate victims for their medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering damages. A personal injury claim for damages may help victims recover compensation for their damages suffered in a distracted driving-related accident.

Distracted driving places everyone on the roadways at risk, which is why it is important for distracted drivers to be held accountable and victims of distracted driving-related accidents to be protected. Personal injury protections are available to car accidents victims, which they should be familiar with. But, each car accident is different, so getting the right information about your own unique circumstances is crucial.

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