Understanding the cause of truck accidents and relief for victims

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2018 | Truck Accidents

Because of the unquestionably serious nature of truck accidents, it is important to understand both the liability and remedies for truck accidents. It is necessary to prove negligence in a personal injury or wrongful death claim for damages in order to recover compensation for those damages which is why it is important to understand the possible causes of truck accidents and what the cause of the victim’s truck accident was.

Parties that may be liable for the damages the victim has suffered, depending on the circumstances and the cause of the accident, may include a negligent truck driver, negligent trucking company or manufacturer of a defective vehicle. Under Ohio’s comparative negligence law, damages are allocated according to fault and only victims less than 50 percent liable for the accident can recover compensation for damages in the accident which also makes understanding the causes of accidents important.

Truck accidents can be caused by truck driver fatigue and truck drivers who fail to take required rest breaks; truck drivers who are speeding or tailgating; truck drivers making illegal lane changes; overweight trucks or trucks that have unbalanced or improperly secured loads; improper or inadequate truck maintenance; negligent hiring or training or truck drivers; and in other circumstances as well. While serious, and physically and emotionally costly, damages can result from a truck accident, legal protections are available to help truck accident victims.

Truck accidents victims and their families can bring a claim for the physical, financial and emotional damages unexpectedly suffered in a truck accident because of the negligence of a truck driver, trucking company or other liable party. Knowing how to protect their rights is important for truck accident victims facing the catastrophic consequences of a truck accident.

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