Steps to take following a car accident

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Car accidents can be traumatizing. Victims should be prepared to handle the situation appropriately to ensure that they have a strong personal injury case moving forward. First, an ambulance should be called for anyone who is injured, and the injured party should remain on the scene unless emergency medical care is necessary. The vehicle should be moved out of oncoming traffic and the police should be contacted so that an official police report may be filed in cases where there is significant property damage, serious bodily injury or death.

Once all serious and immediate medical injuries are tended to, the focus should be on gathering evidence. The parties should exchange information, such as names, contact information and insurance information. Statements may also be gathered from any witnesses and photos should be taken of any vehicle damage, physical injuries and other evidence depicting road and weather conditions. This evidence is particularly helpful for crash reconstruction, which attorneys may present at trial to prove how the accident happened.

It is important that all evidence is gathered as soon as possible, so that the severity of the injuries immediately after the accident is properly depicted. If the police are notified and a police report is filed, the car accident victim should request a copy of it, so they can be aware of the officially documented circumstances of the accident. A personal account of the car crash should also be documented along with any sketches of the scene and details regarding the accident.

Victims of car accidents caused by a distracted driver, drunk driver or an otherwise negligent party may be entitled to compensation. Car accidents can cause catastrophic injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries, whiplash or broken bones. Responsible parties may be liable for medical expenses associated with those injuries as well as lost wages and other related expenses due to their negligence.

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