Representing victims of snow plow and salt truck accidents

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2017 | Truck Accidents

Winter will soon arrive in Cincinnati, and with the onset of the coldest weather of the year, Ohioans and the people of northern Kentucky will likely have to deal with some snow and ice, at least on some days and quite possibly for several weeks.

Snow and ice means that city and state-owned salt trucks and snow plows will be taking to the streets and highways of the area. Additionally, several private contractors will also be helping with the important task of clearing the roads so people can get to work, home and wherever they need to travel safely and on time.

While this is an important job, it is equally important to remember that these large vehicles can easily inflict a lot of damage, particularly to smaller cars, if they are involved in a collision. Such collisions can and often do also cause serious injuries to those who are occupying the other vehicle.

Snow plow and salt truck operators are already driving their vehicles in less than ideal road and weather conditions. Moreover, they are also frequently under a tight deadline for getting their work done, as political pressure and community needs require them to move quickly. Moreover, many of them work very long hours, and so they may find themselves tired, even too tired to keep driving their vehicles safely.

While we hope that no one very has to deal with the aftermath of a snow plow or salt truck accident, should a person become a victim of this type of accident because of the mistakes of the truck driver, then he or she may be able to get compensation for his or her losses. Our law office has considerable experience handling these types of accidents on behalf of our injured clients, and we are fully prepared to stand for our clients’ rights and make sure they get the compensation they both need and deserve.

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