Truck accidents could lead to serious head injuries

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In previous posts here we have discussed the specific dangers of sharing the road with trucks. Due to their oftentimes enormous size and weight compared to traditional passenger cars, it is not uncommon for truck accidents to lead to catastrophic or even deadly injuries. While we may take every necessary precaution to try to prevent an accident, factors outside our own control could still lead to an accident.

Brain injuries are common during automobile accidents, including truck accidents. Any blow to the head could cause a head injury, which could lead to severe and possibly permanent damage. Due to the complexity and importance of the brain for a human to function, it comes as no surprise that a brain injury could lead to long-term or life-long consequences for an accident victim.

A traumatic brain injury could cause limitations of motor skills, including effects on the ability to walk or move. It could also cause sensory loss, as well as mental conditions, such as memory loss, migraines and changes to a person’s personality, including emotional instability and the inability to communicate or work with others.

Such injuries could make it impossible to work or even maintain a normal lifestyle. If you have been the victim of a catastrophic truck crash that has left you with a serious head injury, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. It is not uncommon for a truck accident to be the result of faulty equipment, overlooked damage or the failure of the driver to adhere to laws regarding their driving schedule or even distracted or reckless driving. All such situations could be grounds for a potential lawsuit.

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