Understanding the risks to motorcyclists on the roads

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Throughout Ohio, it is not uncommon, especially during the warm summer months, to see motorcycles on the road. It is important for car drivers to be aware of this, and to be mindful about sharing the roads with motorcycles. Motorcyclists have many unique dangers on the road; understanding some of these risks, whether you are on two wheels or four, could help prevent a serious or catastrophic accident.

With their smaller size and relative rarity on the roads compared with traditional cars and even trucks, many drivers forget that they are sharing the roads with motorcycles, and may not see them when changing lanes, turning or approaching an intersection. Studies say that 70 percent of accidents involving motorcycles occur at intersections. When an accident occurs, motorcyclists are 26 times more likely to die and five times more likely to suffer an injury versus someone in a car.

Motorcyclists also need to worry about hazards on and near the road that many drivers of cars may take for granted. This could include but are not limited to potholes, roadkill, gravel or even ponding, each of which poses a unique and significant risk to motorcyclists on the road.

Like any accident on the road, determining negligence is often a key factor when an accident goes to court. Data suggest that as much as two thirds of accidents involving motorcycles and traditional cars are the fault of the driver of cars. It is important, no matter your method of transportation, to be mindful of motorcycles on the road. Victims of a motorcycle accident may be entitled to compensation for their injuries.

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