Intoxicated driver causes multi-car crash in Cincinnati

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It seems like every week drivers who should not be out on the road are hitting the streets and jeopardizing the safety of not only themselves and other passengers in their car, but anyone else out on or near the roads. Such was the case recently when a driver under the influence of heroin was traveling on southbound Interstate 75 near the Western Hills Viaduct in Cincinnati, Ohio, and crashed into a semi-truck as well as another vehicle.

The accident occurred in late morning on July 15. An eyewitness video showed the driver of the black Chevrolet as well as his passenger sitting outside the car, unconscious. The driver was subsequently booked on operating a vehicle while intoxicated charges. A recent rise in the tri-state area of heroin-related accidents have police concerned. An opioid epidemic in the area seemed to have played a role in this increase.

Any driver who is found to be negligent or careless and who causes an accident may be liable for damages. Crash victims may be able to obtain compensation for damages, including medical expenses and rehabilitation costs, pain and suffering as well as lost wages related to time lost due to your injuries.

If you have been the victim of an impaired driver or drunk driving accident, you may want to consider getting more information about personal injury law to determine whether you want to pursue a lawsuit against the negligent driver. You should not have to suffer with financial woes, pain or lost time at work due to the negligence of others.

Source: Tucson News Now, “Video shows unconscious driver after heroin-related crash,” July 16, 2017

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