Ohio judge orders drunk drivers to install ridesharing apps

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While most people know that drunk driving is dangerous and against the law, there will always be those who think they are above the law or even that they are better drivers after having a few drinks, and will drive while intoxicated. Unfortunately, even if a person is charged with drunk driving, many will continue to drive drunk in the future, causing accidents that injure or kill others.

One judge in Ohio has come up with an interesting way to penalize drunk drivers. As part of their sentence, drunk drivers are being ordered to install the Lyft and Uber apps on their cellphones.

The hope is that these drivers will utilize one of these ridesharing services after consuming alcohol, rather than trying to drive themselves home. The judge has stated that these apps are free, and it is much better to have the option in the future of paying for a ride through Lyft or Uber than it is to pay the fines associated with drunk driving.

The results of studies on the effect ridesharing apps have on those who choose to drive while intoxicated are mixed, but this judge hopes his sentences will have a positive effect on keeping drunk drivers off the road. Unfortunately, even those who have such apps may forget to use them after having too many drinks, will get behind the wheel of a car, and will cause a drunk driving accident. Those who have been injured in such accidents should make sure they understand their legal rights and options following a drunk driving accident, so they can determine whether it is possible to pursue a personal injury lawsuit against the drunk driver.

Source: Digital Trends, “An Ohio Judge Is Forcing Convicted Drunk Drivers To Download Uber And Lyft,” Trevor Mogg, June 14, 2017

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