Keeping the roads safe for Ohio motorcyclists

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Spring has sprung in Ohio, and many motorcycle enthusiasts are taking their bikes out of storage and hitting the road. In fact, May has been designated as motorcycle safety month, and it serves as a good reminder to all motorists that they must share the road with motorcyclists, whether it is on a crowded interstate or a rural country road.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol reports that approximately 4,000 motorcycle crashes occurred in the state in 2016. In fact, the amount of fatal motorcycle crashes in Ohio rose 45 percent between the years of 2014 and 2016. With approximately 480,000 motorcycles currently registered in the state, this places Ohio as one of the top five states with regard to the number of people who own motorcycles. This makes motorcycle awareness of great importance.

It is important for motorists to follow the laws when it comes to motorcycle safety. Motorists should make sure they look both ways, including in their blind spots, when making a turn or entering into another lane of traffic. Similarly, when pulling out of a driveway or a parking spot, drivers should check to make sure there are no motorcycles behind them.

Motorcyclists too are encouraged to inspect their vehicles for any mechanical issues, practice their riding skills somewhere safe like an empty parking lot, and wear a helmet. However, a motorcyclist could take all of these defensive measures and still find themselves the victim of a motorcycle accident caused by a negligent driver. When this happens, the motorcyclist may want to look into the possibility of filing a lawsuit against the responsible party.

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