Use of headphones can lead to being a distracted driver

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Ohio drivers are keenly aware of the dangers that are inherent on the road, particularly in today’s world with the number of people who are texting and driving. However, it is not simply the matter of using a smartphone or other device that is resulting in a car crash. New versions of old items can cause a danger as well. An example is headphones. A large number of people are using these items – many of them wireless with advanced sound capabilities – while behind the wheel of their car.

AAA is warning against this behavior and how it can lead to being a distracted driver. The belief is that these headphones can lead to a hindrance of the senses and the ability to react to various situations behind the wheel, leading to a car accident. In Ohio, it is against the law to be using headphones while operating a motor vehicle. Because these new earphones are able to block out other sounds, it can prevent the driver from hearing screeching brakes, sirens, railroad warnings and more.

The dangers to those who are using these headphones when out on the street as a jogger or pedestrian are indicative of what could happen if people are wearing them while driving. A study from the University of Maryland Medical Center found that over a six-year span, 116 people were killed or injured as pedestrians while wearing headphones. The mental focus on factors other than what they were doing could have contributed to the incidents in which they were injured.

Drivers who are using these headphones with their devices are considered to be a significant risk to be distracted. Studies have not determined how many people have been hurt or died in an accident that happened while the driver wore headphones making it more important that people who are hurt or the relatives of a loved one who died in a car crash pursue a full investigation to determine the circumstances of the incident.

With auto accidents caused by a distracted driver, it is especially egregious because it stemmed from a person who was not paying attention to the road. The medical expenses and other consequences can severely damage a person and his or her family. Therefore, it is wise to discuss the matter with a legal professional experienced in distracted driving cases to consider a legal case to be compensated.

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