Ohio ranks high in auto accidents and dangerous drivers

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When it comes to a car accident in Ohio and throughout the country, the circumstances are often viewed as the key factor in how and why it happened. For example, maybe a driver was under the influence or driving recklessly. However, there is value in looking at the various statistics for a car crash in individual states and across the U.S. overall. A recent study by a shopping site that consumers use to find insurers has declared that drivers in Ohio are the 17th worst in the country. For those who have been injured in a car accident and faced medical expenses or lost a loved one to a fatality, this information can be of value when considering a legal filing.

The information used in the study stemmed from incident data of those who used the site and was subsequently extrapolated based on fatality information from the Federal Highway Administration. In the study, calculated are the number of accidents, number of speeding tickets, DUIs, other violations and number of fatalities in each state. Utah had the worst drivers. Rhode Island had the best.

Since Ohio is in such an intense historical rivalry with Michigan, those two states were compared. Michigan has the fourth best drivers in the U.S. Ohio has had a greater number of speeding tickets, ranking seventh highest in the nation. Ohio also has a greater number of fatalities in an accident. The state had 302,307 accidents in 2015. Of those accidents, 1,029 had a fatality and 75,109 led to injuries. There was property damage in 226,169. The increase in accidents from 2014 to 2015 was nearly 20,000.

With this information in mind, those who are involved in a car accident need to be aware of how certain behaviors that were found to be prevalent in the state might have played a part in the incident. With medical expenses, lost time at work and the emotional and practical realities of an accident’s aftermath, a legal filing is often the only way for a family to move forward. Speaking to an attorney who is experienced in seeking compensation after auto accidents is the first step to filing a case.

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