Multi-vehicle accident kills one in Ohio

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A car accident can take place in the blink of an eye, but the repercussions can last victims and their loved ones a lifetime. A multi-vehicle crash in Ohio left one person dead and another two with catastrophic injuries for which they were airlifted to a hospital to receive medical treatment.

Police are investigating the crash that led to the woman’s death and injuries of her husband and the passenger in the car. According to authorities, the first vehicle drove left of center while traveling eastbound on the road. A semi-tractor trailer hit it, but that was not the end of the crash — the tractor trailer traveled further to strike the third vehicle. The driver of the third vehicle died as a result of her injuries and her passengers were taken to the hospital. The driver of the first vehicle that allegedly caused the accident was 17-years-old and has suffered non-life threatening injuries. According to neighbors, the impact of the collision sounded like something in the area had exploded.

Ohio residents who have been involved in crashes know that legal issues are the last thing they want to think about — they want to focus on coming to terms with their losses and experiences. However, time is often of the essence in these situations, as evidence gathered and witnesses questioned can help victims and their families prepare a civil case against a reckless driver.

A multi-vehicle crash in which fault can be contested can quickly become complex, and it may be overwhelming for families to consider going through the legal system. However, holding a reckless driver accountable for their behavior may go a long way in helping families get closure in the aftermath of an accident.

Source: nbc4i, “One killed in crash along U.S. 62 near Utica,” Tyler Carter, Nov. 14, 2016

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