Report shows anger rampant on roads

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Ohio residents are undoubtedly aware of the multitude of dangers that they will face when out on the road. Along with the common reasons why there might be an auto accident, the increased use of technology and other relatively new factors that could lead to distraction are making it riskier to be driving each and every day. However, there is one factor that has always been common and that is drivers who are angry and aggressive on the road. While research is seeking reasons for this and methods to put a stop to it, it will always place people in jeopardy, potentially cause a crash and lead to injuries and death.

Research from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has found that around eight out of every 10 drivers across the country confessed to being angry or aggressive at least one time in the previous year. Around half of those who took part in the survey think that “road rage” has worsened over the past three years. There are numerous reasons why a person might become angry, from not feeling well to other drivers disobeying road signs to the failure to signal. A major issue for many drivers is tailgating. More than half of those who took part in the study admitted to this practice.

47 percent of those who were polled said that they yelled at other drivers. 45 percent said they showed they were angry or irritated at another driver by honking their horns. 33 percent stated that they were guilty of making angry gestures at others on the road. 24 percent admitted to purposely blocking other vehicles. 12 percent intentionally cut off another vehicle. And 4 percent said they had exited their vehicles for a confrontation on the road.

While the vast majority of these incidents do not result in any extensive issues, there will be a consistent risk of a reckless driver who has become angry behaving aggressively and causing an accident with the person who is the object of the anger or an innocent bystander. The reason why car accidents happen can be important when the injured party or the family of the loved one left behind in a fatal crash seeks compensation.

Source:, “All the rage: AAA study finds lots of angry drivers on the road,” Amy Eddings, Aug. 20, 2016

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