Elderly driver crashes into crowd, causes serious injuries

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What better way to celebrate the upcoming end of summer than by attending an outdoor concert? Ohio residents were doing just that when an elderly motorist drove her vehicle into the crowd, injuring multiple people.

According to authorities, the 74-year-old driver of the vehicle accidentally hit the gas pedal instead of the brake as she was pulling out of her parking space. She drove onto a small dance floor in the parking lot and then hit a telephone pole in an attempt to correct herself. More than 100 people were attending an outdoor concert at the time and eight were injured when the car crashed into the crowd. Two of the injured victims suffered serious injuries and were transported to nearby hospitals. Charges have not yet been filed against the driver and authorities claimed they would review the matter.

Whether criminal charges are filed or not, it may still be possible for accident victims to file a civil lawsuit. As we go about in our daily lives, no one expects to be a part of a car accident and if it happens, it leaves victims and their loved ones emotionally and financially spent. While medical attention can deal with healing both the mind and body, Ohio residents oftentimes may not have the finances to get proper care. But, compensation received through a personal injury lawsuit may be one way to cover those medical expenses. It is not always possible to exactly quantify the damage accident victims suffer in a crash, but it may be possible to hold the negligent driver responsible for their part in causing the damage.

Source: Fox News, “9 hurt after car slams into crowd at outdoor concert in Ohio,” Aug. 22, 2016

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