Annie’s Law aimed at preventing repeat DUI crashes

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As the weather improves and schools let out for the summer, more vehicles will probably be on the road and not all drivers will be experienced ones — teens will be getting their learner’s permit and get behind the wheel for the first time and learn the ins and outs of driving. These drivers will be taught to obey traffic regulations, but they may not have the dexterity and presence of mind to react quickly to avoid getting hit by a drunk driver.

Drunk driving accidents are completely preventable, if the drunk driver behaves responsibly and does not get behind the driving wheel while intoxicated. Drunk driving accidents affect not only the people involved in the crash but also their family members, as they try to make sense of the needless tragedy their family has suffered. An Ohio resident who lost his sister in a drunk driving accident involving a repeat drunk driver tried to make sense of the accident by pushing the legislature to enact laws that might reduce accidents involving alcohol.

Approved by the Ohio House lawmakers recently, Annie’s Law, targets people convicted of DUIs from getting behind the wheel drunk again. If passed, the law requires ignition interlock devices to be installed in vehicles owned by DUI offenders. This means that the driver would have to pass a Breathalyzer test in order to drive. In addition to this, a camera would be in place to track who is taking the test and a GPS to track the car’s whereabouts. The law is currently in front of the Ohio Senate.

Changes to law may not make any change to those who have lost a loved one in a tragic drunk driving accident. Though nothing can replace the loss they have suffered, they may be able to hold the drunk driver accountable for their negligent actions through a civil lawsuit. Compensation received through a successful suit may be used to ease the financial burden that accompanies an accident.

Source: WLWT, “Annie’s Law intended to keep DUI offenders from driving drunk again,” May 19, 2016

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