Common causes of truck crashes

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While on the road in Ohio, many drivers may not think that the consequences of not signaling before passing or taking wide turns may be severe. However, when they are sharing the road with commercial vehicles such as 18-wheelers or rigs, minor driving errors can make all the difference.

Perhaps the most common cause of a truck accident is underestimating the sheer size of the commercial vehicle. Its size makes it harder to maneuver on the road-therefore surrounding drivers should avoid making abrupt stops, turns or passes in their vicinity. Because of their size, trucks take longer to accelerate and brake at intersections and drivers should be mindful of this-not just passenger vehicle drivers but also commercial vehicle drivers.

Truck drivers who do not have adequate training may not be able to maneuver the large vehicle successfully and eventually become a menace on the road. Added to this are the certain factors inherent within the trucking industry that increase the risk of truck crashes, the most dangerous being unrealistic expectations from drivers. Drivers are pressured to drive faster and longer than ever before, as this behavior is rewarded. The faster they complete the route the faster they can begin the next and get compensated. Companies encourage unrealistic schedules that result in drivers driving longer distances and more consecutive hours than is advisable. This can lead to driver fatigue and distraction, which can result in disastrous and fatal truck accidents.

If an Ohio resident is involved in a truck accident, they may have suffered injuries more severe than if the two vehicles were passenger vehicles, due to the size disparity of the vehicles involved. Essential medical treatment can be costly and may need to be prolonged in order to recuperate properly. It may be possible to hold not only the truck driver but also the trucking company accountable for their negligent supervision of the truck driver and receive compensation to cover the medical bills arising from the crash.

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