Working quickly to investigate a truck accident is essential

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2016 | Truck Accidents

As mentioned in last week’s post, when a tragic and fatal accident happens, whether it involves a car or a truck, it is essential that an investigation be conducted into the causes of the accident. Unfortunately, though, a police investigation will look into this, it will not be conducted with a view to protecting the interests of the victims and their loved ones. This can become even more problematic in a truck accident, when logbooks and other factors come into play. In order to ensure those rights are protected it may be beneficial for Ohio victims to consider consulting an experienced attorney.

Lawyers at our law firm understand the importance of the initial investigation-collecting and preserving evidence; driver history, logbook and past violations are all essential for a successful case. In addition to this, lawyers at our firm also hire reconstructionists to determine the cause of the accident and back it up with photographs taken of the scene of the accident to document skid marks and debris.

The trucking company will surely hire its own investigators, who have the company’s resources at its disposal, with the aim of minimizing the company’s role in the accident. Having experienced attorneys such as ours on one’s side can help ensure victims’ rights are protected as we use more than 50 years of experience and resources for them.

Trucking accidents can devastate family members and leave behind emotional and financial turmoil. That turmoil can be assuaged by a wrongful death or personal injury claim on behalf of the victim. For more on truck accident investigation, visit our website.

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