Pedestrian suffers fatal catastrophic injuries in bus crash

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In Cincinnati and throughout Ohio, an auto accident can happen without warning and cause injuries and death. These can occur for a variety of reasons ranging from a negligent driver to a driver under the influence to a motorist acting recklessly. There are many other possibilities. With auto accidents and the potential for catastrophic injuries, those who were affected need to be fully aware of the long-term damage they can face in the aftermath. It is important that they understand the process for receiving compensation for an accident through a lawsuit.

A Metro bus hit a father and daughter as they crossed the street as pedestrians. The father, 73, died. His daughter, 41, was taken to the hospital. The accident occurred at approximately 8 p.m. The bus was being driven by a chaplain in the Cincinnati Fire Department. The bus was heading south and made a left turn as the father and daughter were crossing the street. They had their backs facing the bus when they were hit. The chaplain reportedly gave a blood sample to determine whether or not he was under the influence. Law enforcement is studying the video from the bus as part of their investigation. A witness stated that at the time of the crash, it was a yellow traffic signal and the victims were walking in the crosswalk.

There are many issues that need to be sorted out after there has been an auto accident. Deciding who was at fault can take a comprehensive investigation by experienced people. While law enforcement will conduct its own investigation, it will not be done with the victims’ interests in mind. With these types of accidents, there will be hospital costs, funeral costs and the possibility that a person’s life will never be the same. That is before mentioning the emotional factors to take into account. Having legal help is an imperative after a crash.

In this accident a father was killed and his daughter was injured after they were hit by a bus. The investigation is ongoing to determine the cause. When there is an accident of any kind, those who were involved and their families need to make certain their interests are protected with help from a qualified lawyer.

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