Truck accident on dangerous bridge kills one

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In addition to following traffic laws such as driving within the speed limit and indicating turns through the turn signal, there are other behaviors drivers usually adopt to ensure they are driving safely. One of these is leaving enough space between cars in traffic to ensure there is enough time to react to the driver ahead. However, when traffic is congested and dangerous traffic patterns exist, it becomes difficult to follow this behavior, making it more likely that an accident will take place. This, however, is not excuse for negligent driving.

This is commonly the situation on a bridge in Ohio, as a 2003 report by the Enquirer found that it had the seventh highest accident rate in the country when the daily traffic was estimated to be 120,000 vehicles a day. Currently, the daily traffic is estimated to have increased to more than 150,000 on the bridge that has become the route connecting various interstates. That is a lot traffic for a three lane highway that already sees its fair share of wrecks.

One of these wrecks, a fatal truck accident, is still under investigation. The collision that closed the bridge for a number of hours took place between a tractor-trailer and a bike. The 39-year-old truck driver did not stop at the scene of the accident, but was located some time later. The 26-year-old biker died as a result of his injuries.

When a loved one dies as a result of an unexpected accident, the deceased’s family members may not be able to come to terms with their loss. They may face serious emotional and financial losses that can leave them reeling. Holding someone accountable through a civil suit for their negligent behavior, whether it is a truck driver or the trucking company that hired a negligent employee, is one way surviving family members may be able to acquire closure and compensation.

Source:, “Brent Spence reopens, 7 hours after fatal crash,” Patrick Brennan and Cameron Knight, Dec. 11, 2015

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