Ohio officers dealing with new category of distracted driving

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Readers of the Cincinnati Car Accident Law Blog may have read numerous posts on distracted driving in this space and may be aware that distractions come in many forms- texting and driving, drowsiness-anything that takes one’s hands, eyes and mind away from the task of driving. They may also be aware that drunk driving, though not a form of distracted driving per se, is also an unfortunate common cause of fatal car accidents.

However, police officers in Ohio are now dealing with a new problem, a new form of distraction or impairment-driving while high on drugs. Many counties are facing a surge in drugs, especially heroin, and this is posing a new threat to drivers. In fact, according to police officers it is not just that drivers are impaired-some are actually shooting up-injecting themselves– as they drive. Officers have come across scenes where the driver is passed out in the car while the car is in gear and doing circles in the middle of an intersection and another where a car is stopped at a stop sign and the driver unconscious.

Though driving is a common behavior millions across the country engage in on a daily basis, it is also one of the deadliest. However, many fatalities can be avoided and fatal car accidents prevented if drivers take to the road responsibly. This means adhering to traffic laws, including refraining from activities that would impair a driver and disable them from fully concentrating on the road.

A fatal car accident doesn’t just affect the life of the person who was involved in the car accident, but also the lives of their loved ones and family members. Family members may lose their primary breadwinner or a beloved young child on whom they had pinned their hopes and dreams. It is not possible to quantify the loss they have suffered, but monetary compensation may be one way to ease their financial burden. Victims and their loved ones may want to consider consulting an experienced lawyer for advice on how they may be able to hold the distracted or impaired driver accountable through a civil lawsuit.

Source: Journal News, “Law enforcement looking to stop heroin addicted drivers,” Wayne Baker, Nov. 29, 2015

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