What is difference between uninsured and underinsured coverage?

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The terms uninsured motorist and underinsured motorist are used interchangeably and even though there is a negligible difference between the two, the truth is that MANY Ohio motorists may not be aware of this difference or of what the insurance actually covers.

Generally, every motorist is required to have auto liability insurance. Despite this, many motorists do not have coverage. So what happens if an uninsured person is at fault in an accident with someone who is insured? How is the insured person going to be compensated for their injuries? This is where uninsured motorist coverage comes in. Uninsured motorist coverage provides compensation to the insured person for the personal injuries, and in some situations, property damage, they have suffered in an accident with an insured person who was at fault.

There are some situations where even though someone has insurance, their insurance is not enough to cover the injuries and losses an injured party has suffered. If the insured has underinsured motorist coverage, the insured person’s own coverage will compensate the shortfall caused by the other party’s policy.

The difference may sound subtle to Ohio drivers, but when it comes down the legalities of it, it is important to keep in mind. If someone is injured in a car accident, especially with someone who either doesn’t have coverage or doesn’t have enough, the victim may worry about how to have their medical bills covered. However, they should consider consulting an experienced attorney to help them sort through the insurance claims and exercise their rights.

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