Can I pursue compensation from an underinsured motorist?

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2015 | Uninsured/Underinsured Accidents

Getting into a car crash is traumatic enough, but when an Ohio resident is injured in the accident, often with serious injuries, not only does the injured party have to deal with missing work and wages, but also with daunting medical bills. On top of it, if the person who caused the accident does not have adequate insurance-insurance that is enough to cover the cost of the victim’s injuries-then there is an additional burden of trying to figure out how to cover the rest of the medical bills.

As a previous post mentioned, when someone is injured in an accident involving another driver who has inadequate insurance or even none at all, the victim still has options. It is essential for injured victims to know that they should preserve their right to receive compensation and not make a hasty decision about a settlement. In fact, getting the right information about how to go about claiming insurance when a person is injured by someone with underinsured motor coverage is a good start.

Underinsured motorist coverage is something that the victim’s own insurance would cover, and in fact compensation can be received for a number of injuries, including brain and back injuries, and it may even be possible to recover for lost wages in addition to medical bills. At our law firm, we understand how the legal system interacts with the insurance system.

It may even be possible to receive compensation under various insurance policies and also a personal injury lawsuit. Rather than forego a claim because it sounds complicated, injured victims in Ohio may find it useful to visit our website for more information on underinsured motorist claims.

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