Fatal truck accident in Ohio kills one cyclist

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As mentioned in last week’s post on the Cincinnati Car Accident Law Blog, truckers are held to a higher scrutiny in event of a crash due to the size and volume of the vehicle and the regulations surrounding the trucking industry. As with any crash, an investigation must be conducted to determine the cause of the accident-it is not wise to assume any one party was responsible for the crash without a proper investigation.

For this purpose, police are investigating a truck accident that took place in Ohio recently, between a truck and a bicycle. According to reports, the truck was going west and starting to make a turn onto another road when the accident took place. The crash was on a T- section area, and as the truck driver made the turn, the crash took place between one or more of the five bicyclists traveling together and the truck.

One of the bicyclists died at the scene of the accident and the others were taken to the hospital to receive medical treatment for their injuries. Police suspect sun glare may be a factor that contributed to the crash but they are investigating every avenue.

People get on their bikes to go for a long relaxing ride, and the last thing their loved ones expect is the news that they have passed away due to a sudden crash. When this happens, family members are confused and frustrated and though it may not be enough to compensate them for their loss, a civil suit may be one way to hold a truck driver and the company that hired them accountable for a driver’s negligent behavior.

Source: fox8.com, “Fatal bike vs. truck accident renewing talk about rights of the road,” Todd Meany, Sept. 18, 2015

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