Pursuing recovery in a motorcycle crash

On Behalf of | Aug 13, 2015 | Motorcycle Accidents

The importance of wearing a helmet was outlined in last week’s post on this blog, and the stark reality that many bikers in Ohio do not wear a helmet despite the benefits of it. But even those who wear a helmet can suffer severe head injuries, as helmet use does not eliminate the risk of injury, but only reduces it.

Since there is no outwardly protection, motorcycle drivers can end up flying through the air and hurting their head severely. Head injuries can include concussions and traumatic brain injuries that can even be permanent and affect the quality of the rest of the victim’s life.

Not only can it affect the quality of life physically, but also financially as head injuries can lead to extended hospital stays and repeated hospital trips. Continuing therapy and medication also come hand in hand with a head injury.

The lawyers at our firm understand the various repercussions of a head injury, including the possibility of being unable to work ever again. Because of this, we take recovery very seriously and pursue many avenues of recovery, including insurance policies of everyone involved and their family members. We bring five decades of experience to the table in motorcycle accident cases. We represent all sizes of cases, from small to large. We also have experience in various types of dispute resolution processes, such as traditional litigation, arbitration and mediation.

Head injuries can be devastating. It is important for motorcycle accident victims to understand how they can pursue recovery for head injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident. For more on head injuries, visit our motorcycle accident web page.

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