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Whether you are barbequing, laying out by the pool, watching fireworks, or watching the Reds play this weekend, it is important that you take proactive measures to ensure your safety. You do not want your fun-filled weekend to end up sour by ending up behind bars or injured in a car accident.

DUI’s and DWI’s are the leading causes for traffic accidents during the 4th of July weekend. There are many alternatives to drinking and driving. Instead of putting yourself at danger as well as others on the roadway, you should call a taxi, lyft, uber, or your friends and family for a ride.

Several accidents during this holiday weekend are also caused by distracted drivers. We have all seen people eating while driving, putting on makeup, or texting on their phone. To help keep the number of car accidents down this weekend, please do not be among one of these people. Please put the hot dog, lipstick, or cellphone down at least while you are driving.

The effects arising out of a DUI/DWI or a motor vehicle accident substantially outweighs the “benefits” of driving a car while intoxicated and/or engaging in other distractive behavior. Under Ohio and Kentucky statutory law, a DUI arrest could result in incarceration, hefty fines, losing your driver’s license, and increased insurance premiums. Although there are serious legal repercussions to drinking and driving, the ultimate repercussion is killing another motorist or yourself. Let’s not roll the dice on our lives.

Stay safe this weekend!

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