50 years of holding distracted drivers accountable

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When someone is involved in a car accident and suffers injuries as a result, it may take time for the accident victim to heal, not just physically, but also emotionally. If the victim later learns the accident was caused because the other driver was distracted, such as by texting on their phone, it may be more difficult to come to terms with the accident and understand why someone would value their text message more than someone else’s life. But this is the sad reality on the roads, not just in Ohio but across the country. More than 3,000 people died in distracted driving accidents in 2010 and more than 410,000 were injured during the same year. An accident victim may be frustrated to be involved in a completely avoidable accident such as this one.

Lawyers at our firm understand the additional frustration that comes with an involvement in a distracted driving accident, as we have been dealing with similar cases for 50 years. That’s why we try our best to recover compensation for the accident victim and fight for his or her rights.

Compensation may not be the first thing accident victims think of after getting injured in an accident. They may want to move on with their lives and forget the crash and the trauma associated with it. But holding the negligent party responsible for their actions and recovering compensation to recoup medical expenses and other losses associated with the wreck may be one way to move on in the aftermath of an accident.

Lawyers at our firm handle many forms of distracted driving claims and can help accident victims fight for compensation for not only medical bills, but also for lost wages and pain and suffering. More about distracted driving can be found on our webpage.

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