What are the 100 deadliest days of the year for teen drivers?

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Memorial Day weekend has come and gone and summer has unofficially kicked off. Children are off from school and it’s much easier for parents to send them off to run their errands during the day rather than go themselves after a long workday. However, parents may not be aware that the 100 days from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend are considered the “100 deadliest days of the year” for young drivers by the AAA.

Many younger drivers are joined at the hip with their phones, oftentimes either texting or talking while driving. The Ohio Highway Patrol has repeatedly informed drivers that driving while texting is equivalent to driving while intoxicated. It is also a criminal offense for drivers under the age of 18 to use any type of wireless electronic device while driving, and committing this offense can lead to driver’s license suspension and a fine can also be imposed.

However cell phones are not the only distraction for teenage drivers. Speeding is also a major issue. According to the Highway Patrol, in almost 60 percent of crashes in which teenagers were involved, speed played a factor.

Teenage drivers are not the only ones at risk, though. Studies have shown that most injuries and fatalities occur in the other car and to the other driver, not to the teen or passengers in their car. For this reason, AAA stated that distracted teens are not only a danger to themselves, but also to others.

Driving is a natural part of life and an activity that many engage in daily. However, it is very important to ensure that the drivers being sent out into the world know the rules of responsible driving and are aware that their actions can cause far reaching repercussions. An injury suffered in a car accident can change a victim’s life, whether it is a permanent disability or another type of life-affecting harm. Medical expenses, trauma associated with the accident, and even wages lost due to the accident are all realities that an accident victim has to live with. Fortunately, though, by working within the bounds of the legal system, it may be possible to receive compensation from the negligent driver to cover these expenses.

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