Technology to curb distracted driving car accidents

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Even though driving is a common activity that seems effortless, in reality a good driver always has their eyes, hands, and minds engaged in the driving process. They are aware of changing road conditions and the traffic around them, taking into account all factors and adhering to traffic laws. Yet, when even one distracted driver is on the road, a danger is posed to all other motorists around them and the chances for a crash increase.

One of the most common distractions that drivers contend with is their cellphones and other forms of technology. Texting and driving or using a cellphone for anything while behind the wheel takes Ohio drivers’ minds, hands, and eyes off the road, significantly increasing the risk of a devastating wreck with serious consequences.

Where technology is the root cause of the problem, research has also shown that technology can help curb the problem. New cars have integrated safety systems that cut down on dangerous behavior, and even various applications on phones can help eliminate the risk.

One such device actually prevents phones from sending and receiving text messages on the road, in addition to allowing parents to track where their teenage children are driving. The device sends back an automatic message that the driver is driving at the time and will call them back. There are also phone applications that intercept text messages while the car is traveling at more than a specific speed, and others that read messages aloud for those who simply cannot wait to see what message they have received.

Any distraction on the road can lead to a car accident that changes the lives of everyone involved. Accident victims and their loved ones often have to deal with injuries, both emotional and physical, temporary or permanent, just because someone could not keep their hands off their phone. Holding them accountable may be one way to lessen the number of such accidents in the future and find a sense of closure.

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