Cincinnati hit and run accident injures deaf pedestrian

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The legal process is designed to protect victims who have been harmed by others such as in a car accident. A deaf man was recently sent to the hospital with injuries he suffered in a car accident in Cincinnati. According to Cincinnati law enforcement authorities, the car that hit the man fled the scene of the accident following it. The 41-year old victim hit the windshield of the driver’s vehicle as he was trying to cross the street. The 29-year old driver allegedly fled the scene after striking the man. Police officers discovered a vehicle with a cracked windshield nearby that police believed hit the man. The police report indicates alcohol may have been a factor in the accident. The driver has been charged with aggravated vehicular assault.

Whenever a driver has been involved in an accident, especially involving injury or death, it is important for the driver to remain at the scene until it is appropriate for the driver to leave. Drivers who fail to remain at the scene can face charges as a hit and run driver. Additionally, when a driver has received a citation or been subject to criminal charges related to an accident, the citation or criminal charges may be evidence of negligence in a civil lawsuit for damages suffered by the injured victim.

Victims of car accidents may recover a number of different types of compensation, including medical expenses, lost earnings and pain and suffering damages. In some circumstances, a hit and run driver may never be identified or located following a car accident.

Victims of car accidents can find themselves unexpectedly facing physical, financial and emotional damages. Because of the serious nature of car accident damages, legal options may be available for victims who have suffered harm to be aware of.

Source:, “Deaf man injured in Northside hit-and-run, driver facing charges,” May 8, 2015

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