Mock accident to warn teens of dangers of drunk driving

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Students watched quietly as firefighters freed victims from a car mangled in a drunk driving accident in Ohio and either rush them to trauma centers or cover them with a sheet on the ground. Even though this was a reenactment of a drunk driving accident, students were warned that it could very likely turn into reality if they drove while intoxicated or distracted.

The reenactment was conducted in a high school parking lot as prom and graduation are both approaching, The student who organized it wanted students to see the risks they took if they got behind the wheel impaired and how this impacts not only their own life but also the lives of many other people.

The mock accident involved cooperation from local firefighters and other law enforcement officials to demonstrate the effects of drunk or distracted driving. During the simulation, the battalion chief laid a sobering reality out for the viewers-one of five students has an auto accident in the first year of driving. In addition to this, the number one cause of death for teenagers across the country, according to statistics, are car crashes.

Even though mock accidents attempt to lay out the reality of losing a loved one in a terrible crash, they cannot even begin to demonstrate the loss family members feel when they lose a family member. Though it is not possible to quantify their suffering, a personal injury claim can be pursued in order to cover expenses such as funeral expenses, medical expenses for survivors and even for their pain and suffering associated with the accident while families try to regain their emotional footing.

Source: Newark Advocate, “Mock crash drives home dangers of drinking and driving,” Chad Klimack, April 27, 2015

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