Damages that can be covered by a personal injury lawsuit

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There is no doubt that being involved in an accident is traumatic. When the accident leaves catastrophic injuries that remind the Ohio victim of what they went through, the trauma may be prolonged. Injuries not only require time to heal but also money to get treatment for and not all accident victims have the financial ability to get medical care. In these instances, holding the responsible party accountable for their actions may be one way to get some economic relief to lessen their financial burden.

If someone is injured in an accident, they may be able to recover medical expenses from the other party. These medical expenses include hospital bills, doctors, hospital stays, ambulance fees and even nursing services. In order to recover these costs, the victim must show that the expenses are related to the injury. If continued medical care is required, it may even be possible to recover that in a personal injury suit.

It may also be possible to recover compensation for pain and suffering. This could include past and future suffering related to the accident or the injury. To put a value on pain and suffering, factors such as certainty of future pain, nature of the injury and the amount of time the victim will be in pain are taken into account.

Other types of damages could also be recovered in a personal injury lawsuit and an experienced lawyer may be able to guide victims through the process. It is not possible to quantify the injuries sustained in an accident but doing so may be one way to get the compensation a victim deserves.

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