Avoid distracted driving to avoid car accidents

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When Ohio drivers think of distractions on the road while they are driving, the first thing they may think of is using the cellphone, but that is not the only type of distractions drivers face on a daily basis and April being Distracted Driving Awareness Month is the best time for drivers to familiarize themselves not only with the various distractions that exist but also with tips for avoiding them.

A distraction can be anything that takes the driver’s eyes, hands or even mind away from the driving process. This means that, even when a driver has his eyes on the road and hands on the steering wheel, if their mind is wandering and they are day dreaming, their distraction may be every bit as dangerous as using a cellphone while driving. A French university that studied 1,000 drivers that were involved in a collision found that almost 50 percent of the crashes were caused by the driver’s mind wandering-the driver was thinking about things other than driving.

Another huge distraction that drivers do not consider is loose items falling about on the backseat. This is why it’s important to secure one’s cargo, whether the cargo is in the car or on top of it. In fact, if the cargo is to be secured on top of the vehicle drivers should be even more cautious as it could injure other drivers if it falls on the road.

There are certainly other types of distractions that drivers face on the road, but overcoming them and paying attention to changing road conditions, sign postings that advise drivers of the speed limit and curves ahead and frequently scanning mirrors can be some ways to ensure one is paying attention to the road and avoiding possible crashes.

When a crash does take place and someone is injured in the car accident, it may be possible to get compensation from the reckless driver in the form of a personal injury lawsuit. This compensation can then cover medical expenses that resulted from the accident.

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