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Driving in normal conditions is dangerous enough, but it becomes even more dangerous in the winter weather with icy roads and sleet reducing visibility, as demonstrated by the 30 car accidents that took place recently in the state. Despite precautions, Ohio residents may find themselves involved in an accident with another driver and face not only damage to their vehicles, but also to their person. In some unfortunate incidents, Ohio residents may end up losing a loved one in a sudden car wreck.

There is no way to quantify the catastrophic injuries that happen in an auto accident and if a loved one is lost in an accident, the emotional burden can often be debilitating. However, holding the reckless party responsible for his or her part in the accident and bringing a wrongful death suit against that party can be one way to help a family overcome its loss.

Lawyers at our firm can help by gathering evidence and analyzing details to support family members in their suit against the other driver. Although it is difficult to imagine at the time, compensation received through a successful suit can be used to cover unexpected financial issues that accompany an accident, such as medical expenses before the death, funeral expenses, lost wages and loss of companionship. In addition to this, compensation can also be used to provide emotional support that can help Ohio residents get through this difficult time.

People are overwhelmed in the aftermath of an accident and may be unsure as to how to proceed legally. By allowing lawyers at our firm take care of the legalities, Ohio residents can focus on their grief and coming to terms with their loss.

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