Older people at greater risk of injury in a motorcycle accident

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An increased allure of riding motorcycles among people of all ages is occurring in Ohio and all across the United States. With that comes a greater risk of riders having a motorcycle accident. Riders who are new at the endeavor and those who are experienced riders are all vulnerable to a crash. With a motorcycle accident comes the likelihood of massive medical expenses from the treatment of serious injuries. Research indicates that older people are more vulnerable for serious injuries in a motorcycle accident.

In the past twenty years or so, the age of motorcyclists has risen. With that has come a greater danger of injury. People who are considered older have been found to be three times as likely to suffer injuries in a crash than younger motorcyclists. People between the ages of 20 and 39 were in a greater number of accidents in the years 2001 to 2008 with more than 921,000. Those above age 60 were in over 65,000 crashes, but were found to be more vulnerable to injury than their younger counterparts. Older riders were found to be more likely to die in these crashes. The amount of times people who were over 60 were admitted to the hospital was also three times what was likely with younger riders.

The authors of the study found that the injuries to older riders had to do more with the bodily changes that occur with older people. The strength of bone is reduced, changes to the body’s structure make them more vulnerable, and a reduced elasticity to such areas as the chest wall can leave older riders in greater jeopardy to some form of body trauma in a motorcycle accident. In addition, older people’s reflexes might not be as sharp as younger people, they could have a different level of balance, and their vision might not be as acute. Older people have a greater chance of health conditions negatively affecting them.

Other factors include motorcycle riding being a new activity for older people and they might not be experienced enough on the bike to be prepared for common eventualities. Many accidents are unforeseen and not due to age, but due to others on the road and various circumstances. With a motorcycle accident, regardless of the age of the motorcyclist, considering options with a legal advocate is always a wise decision.

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