What is an SR-22?

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Ohio residents may not know that it is illegal to drive in the state without minimum liability insurance. Ohio law mandates the minimum amount of insurance that people must carry, but drivers are free to get higher coverage.

An SR-22-with ‘SR’ standing for Safety Responsibility is a document that proves someone has automobile insurance-it is not an insurance policy. It is simply proof that you have an insurance policy. The document is prepared by the insurance company and is then filed with the department of motor vehicles.

Not all drivers need to have an SR-22-usually those drivers need it who have to reinstate their driving license after they have been convicted of reckless driving, driving without insurance, convicted of a DUI or some other moving violation that led to a suspension. It is required for a specific number of years after a conviction.

However, all drivers do need to carry liability insurance. If someone is involved in a car accident, they have a lot of things to worry about, from their own injuries, the medical bills associated with those injuries and sometimes even wages lost due to time off because of the injury. Holding someone accountable for the car accident is one way an injured victim can recover this compensation. However, recovering compensation becomes more difficult if the accident is with an uninsured motorist.

However, this should not deter injured victims from filing a personal injury claim if they intend to. An experienced attorney may be able to guide them on their journey to get the compensation they deserve.

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