Icy rain leads to major crashes in northern Ohio

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With winter comes snow and ice and residents in Ohio understand that this also means dangerous driving conditions. Although drivers are advised to stay off the roads during inclement weather, some residents have no choice but to take to the roads to get to their necessary destinations. When this occurs, it is important that drivers operate their vehicles with caution and are aware of other drivers on the roadways. This is especially true with large trucks, helping them avoid a serious truck accident.

The icy rain across northern Ohio resulted in three major collisions, including a fatal truck collision, a multi-vehicle crash involving a salt truck and an accident that resulted in an injured trooper. All three incidents show the seriousness of traveling in inclement weather and the serious accidents that could result.

According to preliminary reports, the fatal truck accident occurred at a rest stop on eastbound U.S. 30. A 51-year-old truck driver was standing outside of his tractor-trailer when a pickup truck entering the rest stop lost control, striking and killing the truck driver.

The salt truck crash occurred in Lucas County on State Route 2 and involved several vehicles. The only reported injury was the driver of the salt truck. He was transported to the hospital and is in stable condition. Investigation is ongoing and the cause of the multi-vehicle collision has not been determined at this time.

Lastly, a state trooper was injured on Interstate 475. Reports indicate that the trooper was out of his patrol car investigating a crash when a driver struck him. He was transported to the hospital and is in stable condition.

In these matters, investigation could help establish cause and assign liability. While the weather and icy roads played a role in all of these recent collisions, if a driver fails to adjust their driving for conditions they could be found negligent. If this is determined, those injured and the loved ones of the deceased might have a cause of action. A personal injury suit or a wrongful death claim could result in compensation being awarded and used to cover expenses arising from the accident.

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